Service is the new value. Most interesting case studies from SDN conference (2017)

Service design is creating a new mindset. After SDN Global Conference in Madrid and case studies of new services we can acknowledge that this specific approach to build organisations and their DNA and offer for customers is spreading the word. In this post I want to show most interesting cases from SDN conference to memorise this time and SDN awards winners and those honourable mentioned.


Starting from those who we know (as in this organisations service design is becoming a part of their DNA):

1. ING

ING is showing service design impact on their project management methodology which they have been using for last 3 years: Agile. Structure of their projects is based on co-creation and the goal is to find the common language. ING invited some external experts to join internal projects (their roles: research, personas, customer journeys, data analytics). Altogether they strive to create transformation for ING into Agile organisation.


ING presentation on SDN conference

If you are interested more in this topic, here you can find great article on ING transformation into agile by McKinsey.



Onboarding and Offboarding – these are one of the most important stages of service (Uber’s perspective). Onboarding is the critical moment both for customer and a brand, Based on Uber’s reports 71% of app users resign from using app after the first use.
Moments from which Uber gets insights are:

  1. Preparation process (what uber driver needs to know before the start?)
  2. In the moment (during the journey)
  3. After the journey

Uber created the driver journey and experience on all stages. It was critical both for driver and a client.

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3.Design Managers Australia (DMA)

Design thinking as a school subject in Preeliminary School? Fantastic project from Design Managers Australia (DMA). In one of Australian Schools (Macquarie Primary School). children learn to create things in design thinking methods. One of the examples is their own playground.

4. Essence [client; Amsterdam Schipol Airport]

Essence recreated the onboarding process and customer experience on the first journey elements on the airport. Very interesting insight is that VR (Virtual Reality) as Essence stated “VR as a prototyping responsibility” was so useful in creating a whole journey from customer perspective.

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Other projects can be seen here:

Post written by servicekate:
Katarzyna Młynarczyk, CEO of Socjomania (polish digitalization company)

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