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The Master’s degree programme in Service Innovation and Design has globally been the first multidisciplinary degree programme combining service business and service design competences, and it continues to be in the forefront in this field. This part-time Master of Business Administration programme is offered by Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Espoo, Finland.

This is a place for the SID students and the faculty members to share their ideas and experiences. Here you can find inspiring and unique thoughts and information on service innovation & design methods, literature, events, projects, people and trends.

You can read more about the history of the SID programme in this blog post and in the International Journal of New Trends in Education and Their Implications. 

In addition to service design education, we are also carrying out several interesting research projects in the field of Service Innovation and Design at Laurea.

By following this blog you ensure staying updated with what happens in the service innovation & design field.

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19 thoughts on “About us

  1. I am so glad and looking forward to apply for this program. I was worried about GRE/GMAT score but since i see no such requirement is mentioned (such a relief) . However I would like to know if there is other requirements besides Bachelor Degree and 3 years work experience?

  2. Hi Preslav,
    The entrance examination consists of a written exam (3 hours) and a group discussion (1 hour).
    The written exam is partly based on pre-reading material:
    Zeithaml, V. A., Bitner, M. J. & Gremler, D. D. (2006 or later), Services Marketing − Integrating Customer Focus Across the Firm. McGraw-Hill International Edition, 4th or later edition. Chapters 1-6.
    Laurea’s SID team

  3. Hi Katri,

    How do you differentiate your course from other service design-esque courses offered in the capital region namely Metropolia’s specialisation studies in Service Design or Aalto’s IDBM? The SID course description is filled with techno-babble adjectives and very little concrete facts, at least from a prospective student (=customer) point of view.

  4. Hi Ville-Matti,
    Thanks for this essential question!

    This is a unique program that truly combines up-to-date “hard” business competences and “softer” design competences. These competences are all framed by topical discussion and theories on service logic in businesses (or Service-Dominant Logic). The design courses are run by well-known international design/innovation experts and the business related courses by business professionals and Doctors of Business Administration. This is quite near to Aalto’s IDBM program but our students have a longer professional working background (at least 3 years after graduation; in average 6-8 years) and they are studying alongside a fulltime job.

    Most importantly, the student base makes the program very attractive. The heterogeneity of the students is a very fruitful foundation for innovative discussions and group work during the face-to-face sessions. The students have a very varying educational background (Bachelor or Master degree in Business/Design/Engineering/IT/Social Sciences etc.) and cultural background (16 different nationalities), and they work for different kinds of organizations varying from multinational corporations to start-ups, from public sector to manufacturing, etc.

    I’m sorry for “the techno-bubble adjectives”. I hope that reading the blog posts that the students have written could give some concrete facts from the students’ point of view 🙂

    Additionally, I copied here some direct quotations from our students’ writings:

    ”Why did you apply to SID Programme?”:
    “It was more suitable for me than traditional business programmes and sounded different and mind opening. New ideas for my work and additionally to develop myself professionally.”
    “The fact that it is the only program in Service Innovation. Convenient time for lectures and the length of the programme.”

    “What are you studying exactly?”:
    “I’m studying to learn how to improve services and make companies more successful with improved services.”
    “I am studying service marketing with a focus on service innovation: how to create services or/and products based on the customer’s real needs and input.”
    “Service Business related theories & practices. New insights into service business, new concepts etc.
    Delivering innovative services in innovative way.”

    Did this reply make the point any clearer?
    With very best regards,

  5. There is no interview or portfolio requirements, just an entrance exam (partly) based on a book? Any tips how to prepare for the exam?

  6. Hello Osku,

    For preparation, it’s enough that you learn the six chapters of the book very carefully. Nothing else is required. We are looking for students with different backgrounds who have high motivation to study this subject and complete the Masters degree + who have social skills to work in a multidisciplinary group. Just come here as you are 🙂
    We are looking forward to meeting you in the exams!
    Laurea’s SID team

  7. Dear Itziar,
    Yes, that one is ok. It’s the European edition. The main contents of the first six chapters are similar even though the chapters are in a different order.
    We are looking forward to meeting you in the exams.

  8. Hi, have the results been posted yet? Any stats on how many took part in the exam / available spots? Thanks.

  9. Hi katri,
    I am looking forward to join this course in 2014. I have few questions related to studies as mentioned below .
    1) Is it possible to complete this course will full-time work ?
    2) Is there any fees for Finnish citizen. If yes, how much ?
    3) What business tools i can learn in this program?



    • Hello,
      Yes, it’s possible to complete the studies while working full-time. Most of the current and past SID students have a full-time job. Still, you should be able to participate in the contact sessions: about one Thursday-Friday-Saturday per each month (September-May).
      No, there are no fees for EU/EEA citizens.
      You’ll learn plenty of different business tools, such as blueprinting, business model canvas, customer journey maps, etc… In their blogposts, SID students tell more about their studies and tools they have learned (see the Home page).
      We are looking forward to receiving your application 🙂

  10. Hi Katri,

    Who do I contact to find out about fees for non-EU/EEA citizens for this programme?


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