Experiences from the 5th Annual SID Seminar

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The 5th  Annual Service Innovation and Design Seminar was held on March 14th 2013 at Laurea Leppävaara. Almost 200 participants with different backgrounds shared this day by learning and discussing how to create more value with customers.

Morning keynote sessions: Co-creating value with customers

brand togetherCustomers need to be involved in service design process, explained Nicholas Ink, co-author of Brand Together and continued: It is about relationships rather than just a transactions. When customers are involved, they except more from their brands. Trust is built over time.

Nick Coates, who has worked with brands such as Virgin and Spotify, shared that successful co-creation projects includes confidence, acceptance and believe in chance. Co-creation or co-design also affects to the way one talks to their customers.

growtreesManaging director Karan Shah from Grow-Trees introduced how to create value by planting trees. Their organization’s aim is to grow millions of trees per year and they are on the way to the mission by  already planting over 400 000 trees. With their service people can share gifts with trees. By allowing customers to design their gift cards, more value is provided.

Workshops: Including financial aspect to services

PalmuThe first parallel workshop & paper presentations I attended was Service Business Case Simulation workshop by Palmu Inc . Palmu Inc is a Finnish service design agency, which has been designing successful projects in Finland.  Facilitators Sami Kallio, Tuija Ojanen and Hans Sandvik introduced us powerful application Palmu Inc use together with their customers. Their service business simulation application allows designers to design service processes real time and see immediately the financial effects of the simulation. We tested the application in groups by redesigning service process for internet provider. Tool helps to test different models and to engage possible workshop participants.


The second parallel workshop and paper presentations I participated in was “Creation of Customer Value and Meaning – Managing the Information Interface between Private and Public Companies” by academics Dr. Vesa Salminen from HAMK and Keijo Houhala from KTK ry, Emeritus Professor Timo Sneck from Turku and Professor Balan Pillai from USA. This rather academic workshop shared deep insights about customer value production in Finnish public sector and facilitators personal opinions about the municipalities restructuring process. We learned that Finland as a country has lot to think about in coming years in order to sustain current public service levels and to generate enough new service innovations.

Final keynotes: From co-design to challenging thoughts

FuadLukeProfessor Alaistar Fuad-Luke from Aalto University shared us views about how co-designing services can satisfy and sustain diverse capital. He shared his experiences from his last year’s design capital project. When all the stakesholders are involved,  more comprehensive view is received. Co-designing is about bringing more voices into the service design process. By mapping and including all the stakesholders one can make sure all the voices are present in the service design. Co-design loop illustrates the process: first context is studied, then problems are defined and finally solutions are found. After publishing, the co-design loop begins again.

Professor Göte Nyman reminded service designers to keep people in the center of service design. Psychological reasons has to be taken in consideration when designing new services. People are more complex than usually perceived and studied. By creating innovations with deep understanding of human needs and especially psychology one can create successful service innovations. He also shared that all the services are depended in one way or another to natural resources such as oil.

At the end of the keynotes associate Professor Sudhanshu Rai wraped up the seminar day and challenged us to think do we have enough creation in the co-creation processes.

Final words: Seminar gave interesting perspectives and encouraged to seek new opportunities with co-creation.

Text by Laurea SID student Erkki Salo

This blog post was created as an assignment in SID course: Current Topics of Service Design.

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