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Experiences from the 5th Annual SID Seminar

design is attitude

The 5th  Annual Service Innovation and Design Seminar was held on March 14th 2013 at Laurea Leppävaara. Almost 200 participants with different backgrounds shared this day by learning and discussing how to create more value with customers.

Morning keynote sessions: Co-creating value with customers

brand togetherCustomers need to be involved in service design process, explained Nicholas Ink, co-author of Brand Together and continued: It is about relationships rather than just a transactions. When customers are involved, they except more from their brands. Trust is built over time.

Nick Coates, who has worked with brands such as Virgin and Spotify, shared that successful co-creation projects includes confidence, acceptance and believe in chance. Co-creation or co-design also affects to the way one talks to their customers.

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