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Helsinki Service Jam 2013 retrospectives

It was an amazing weekend! A weekend full of surprises, with some doses of emotions and full of fun! 

After a whole week of intensive work, finally Friday arrived. I was waiting for this moment already a long time. I’ve  got a really good feedback from guys attending Helsinki Service Jam (HSJ) earlier and I saw a YouTube videos about other jams. I thought that day that nothing should go wrong, and it didn’t… almost.

1. Friday 16:05 – ready to go!

It was a long day at work. When I returned home surprisingly I felt really good and still had a fresh mind. Normally that time, I would have a short nap before weekend party, but not that day. I knew that there is gonna be something interesting, so I felt really excited. I packed all the things I thought would be useful, and I was ready to go.
I arrived to a place really fast. Immediately, I felt like I am in a right place. Suddenly, I was surrounded by people having the same goal: rock the jam! I felt really happy, that I had chance to be there and do something together with them!
The first task was quite simple. Make your own badge! A funny concept that works. It was amazing to see how easy is to spot people based on their badge colors. It was fun to see how different we were and how many skills we were possessing.
When I finished my badge, there was an official part of the HSJ 2013. As every year, till that moment, the topic of the jam is not known. Suddenly, organizers revealed it and it was a surprise. Everyone felt, that topic was so “wide” and that there is no possibility to achieve satisfying results in just 48h.

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Service Design Breakfast #7, Reima Rönnholm, Palmu Inc.

Figure 1. How to Fail in Service Design, Palmu 2012

The last Service Design Breakfast was not about digital design, but more human-centric services. Reima Rönnholm started his presentation by asking everyone if they have already failed in anything this week or this day. Failing isn’t really fun, but what can we learn from failing? Reima quoted Steve Blank saying that no business plan survives first contact with a customer. Making mistakes is inevitable and the key is how to do it successfully.

The first successful example of designing a service was service design process of Helsinki Airport. Making the most painful points a pleasant experience and suggesting it to customers as a service, not something they are forced to use. What really make any service are processes, people and customers. Places and materials are always there, but the service is not unless there are people using it. You have to do lots of modeling to make an intangible service concrete. You have to try and make errors to see how to make things work.

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Service Design Breakfast #6: Service Acceptance Boosted by E-learning by Jouni Tuominiemi, HiQ

In the sixth Service Design Breakfast on 28th of November 2012, Jouni Tuominiemi, HiQ, started with a long introduction about his company and about his background. Later on he opened up E-learning topic. He pointed out that nowadays the traditional view about e-learning has changed. It is not anymore virtual classroom sessions but it also covers interactive study materials, social media and done in physical classroom and in help of tutor / instructor. He told that e-learning as a term is an old fashion way of naming things, and it should be used as such due to fact of video contents or social media interactions. He opened the abbreviation LMS, telling that nowadays whole e-learning systems are integrated together under Learning Management Systems, which supposed to be a central management unit.

Figure 1:
LMS, HiQ 2012

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Service Design Breakfast #5: There is no such a thing as service design by Anton Schubert

Fifth talk, 28.11.2012


With a twenty-five year career experience in design, ex IDEO employee, the Head of product & service design at 358 Anton Schubert says: “there’s no such thing as service design”.

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Service Design Breakfast #4: Work begins after the lunch by Janne Toivola, Futurice

In the 4th Service Design Breakfast talk on 31st of October, 2012 Janne Toivola from Futurice presented the concept of “Validated Design”. Janne is an experienced service designer and analyst having a focus on digital analysis and usability.

Figure 1: Validated design, Futurice

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Service Design Breakfast #3 – No guesswork needed by Karri-Pekka Laakso, Reaktor

3rd service breakfast happened on 17th of October, 2012. Karri-Pekka Laakso was the speaker from Reaktor. He tried to convince people that “no guesswork is needed”. After quite long introduction of himself, he advertised Reactor in a way that it is a company that develops systems to makes someone’s work easier, more efficient and more meaningful.

The whole talk was focused on how to succeed in doing systematical good design. Karri said: “We don’t need to be lucky or divinely inspired; we just need to do the right things”.  Continue reading