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The Finnish Service Alliance: a new collaborative community for service scholars and practitioners

The constitutive meeting of The Finnish Service Alliance (FSA) brought 180 service researchers and business professionals from all over Finland to Espoo today. The FSA is a new forum for service scholars and professionals to share research contributions and to discuss about the opportunities and challenges within the service field.

The mission of the FSA is to promote and disperse knowledge on the research contributions made by service scholars in Finland both on a national and international level. Continue reading

Meet the guardian angels of the Service Innovation & Design (SID) Masters Programme

The competence the students gain in Laurea’s international SID Masters Programme is  on a world class. The SID Masters Programme was launched in 2009 as the first SID Masters Programme in the world. This pioneering initiative has started very well. The programme has attracted highly motivated and talented students from all over the world. The competitive advantage of the programme is its strategic and multidisciplinary  approach to service innovation & design. Many professionals in business, management and design took part of the design of this programme before it was launched.

Since March 2009 the Advisory Board of the SID Masters Programme has been working intensively at and between its meetings that take place in Laurea SID Campus 4-5 times a year. Board members have been very active in guiding and helping the design of the programme and its strategy. As the programme is multidisciplinary so is the its Board, which it consists of 18 SID experts and pioneers in SID and service research as well as customer-centered business managers, the core of Laurea’s SID staff (SID team) and currently two SID Masters students.  Continue reading

Survival guide to Laurea Masters Program

If you are reading this post as a new arrival to Laurea Masters Program, I salute you. Congratulations of getting in for this ride. It’s a ride where you get to meet awesome people and it will provide you in-depth knowledge about service design and all that it has to offer companies. I promise you will leave this program with confidence and knowledge you need to improve your career.

Although I have not graduated just yet, I can now say that I survived the Laurea Masters with decent grades. I came with the patch of 25 students who passed the 2011 entrance test. We were the second patch ever to be accepted to Laurea Service Innovation & Design Masters degree program. Continue reading

Welcoming the new SID Master’s students

The 3rd SID Master’s group started their Service Innovation & Design studies at Laurea Leppävaara on 6th September.

For three days, the 26 new students were completely submerged in the Laurea’s cocreative learning culture, which provides the foundation for success as they pursue the Master’s programme together. With team-building activities, the new students were able to establish networks and build connections from the very start. Through highly engaging and innovative processes, they were given the chance to meet their fellow students on a professional and personal level.

In the first day, the new students also met a few former SID students and SID graduates, who gave them valuable advice in a panel discussion. Continue reading

A Learning Diary or A Transformational Story Line: Flying For Leadership

It’s a really difficult task to decide on what to write on in my first post for Laurea SID program. It has been 2 years since I first got in touch with the program and the outcomes were always beyond expectations on personal, communal and regional basis.

Should I write something about the activities I got engaged in, the knowledge I gained and shared, the initiatives I joined and started or the bonds that got created and  the ties that evolved? Or Moreover, about the fillings between all of that, which you can’t touch, measure yet you realize theme later when they express themselves  in this closeness between the SID groups and the overall community.

I made my choice and decided to start with something that represents all of this. It’s my learning diary for the Change Leadership & Service Culture course. Due to the nature of the topic and the sailors on board, this topic was very touching and transformational in many aspects. During this course I got exposed to volumes of knowledge that still shape my daily practices and thinking and for years to come. And also during this course I created a knowledge that I always value and feel proud of. I’ve met the most impactful people in my life and lived some dear moments. I would like to start posting the content of the diary one page at a time as is from the diary. Continue reading

Chapter benchmarking

A trip to the German SDN Chapter conference in Cologne showed that a national chapter is a great forum to share and gain service design knowledge close to home. It also brings local service design people together to share service experiences and ideas  from business, academy and the design world.  I had a special interest in visiting the conference as Laurea is planning to start the Finnish SDN Chapter this Fall.

The two and a half days offered a robust and fun package of service design knowledge in the form of presentations, workshops and casual networking.  All activities were worthwhile but if I have to pick some highlights, they would need to be Fjord’s presentation on the transformative services  – not only as one of the speakers, Melanie, is a student in our Service Innovation & Design master program but also because of its practical and appealing content – and Birgit Mager’s opening speech. Continue reading

Experiences from the first SID student group

In this story, a student from the very first SID Master’s group tells how everything went from the first idea of starting the studies to the point in which all the studies including the Master’s thesis are completed.

This is a very long story. So, sit comfortably before you start the journey through the SID studies.

And remember that the SID programme is constantly developed and many things will be done differently by the third group of students that begins in September 2012.

Have a inspiring journey – the story begins:

How everything started in Spring 2009

I coincidently found the announcement of the SID Master program and immediately started to be totally excited. Since I had started my carrier in a Finnish company within the service sector six months earlier (I’m German), it was important for me to find a possibility where I would be able to combine studying and working. Also I was searching for a study program in the service field with students from different working backgrounds to be able to network and exchange insights and ideas…..so I felt this would be a perfect match! Continue reading