Designers share – part 1: video tour through Berlin

By Ninja Fedy

I’m on a personal mission: to start sharing knowledge in a more agile and transparent (aka. quick and dirty) way.  My first step on that path is a video I made about a Service Design Tour in Berlin. A first step in sharing insights from conferences and meet-ups that have been stuck in my mind, notebooks and laptop for way too long!

Service Design Tour is an initiative that organises visits to design agencies across Europe. Until now, the tours have been organised mainly for students to bridge the gap between the academia and professional world. According to our host for the day, Kevin Fox, this tour was the first one organised for design professionals and as a satellite event for the Service Experience Camp. Other attendants came from around the world, including Asia, North and South America, Australia and Europe.

As knowledge sharing and personal development seem to be a on-going discussion in many design agencies I chose to make a video about the topic during the tour. I asked our hosts at the tour stops the following questions: “How do you share knowledge?” and “How much time do you use for personal development?”. Watch the video below for quick interviews on the topic and get a glance at the office space of four Berlin-based design agencies: Service Innovation Labs, Fjord, Aperto and Idean!


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