Let your ideas fly!

I had only just started my Service Design studies in Laurea when I noticed an ad on Facebook of an event called Palvelumuotoilun Q&A – Sparraile ja innostu kehittämään (Free translation: Q&A of Service Design – Come to sparr and get excited about SD) organized by a group of XAMK Service Design students and was welcoming everyone interested in Service Design. Due to the event title, as well as the fact that the event was organized and advertised as part of the ongoing Helsinki Design Week 2017, I decided to pay a visit on my way home from work.

Palvelumuotoilun Q_A

It was a sunny afternoon when I was approaching the venue, SkyWheel Helsinki. Not sure if it was due to the gorgeous weather and the fact that it was Friday almost 5pm (after-work o’clock ;-)) that the stand was relatively quiet. The atmosphere, however, was welcoming and I was instantly greeted by a polite staff-member, a Service Design student from Mikkeli, who I got in a conversation quickly with.

We talked about our future career outlooks and how they were linked to Service Design and shared our experience and expectations on studying SD in general. We both shared the same views on what is needed from a Service Design company and from a Service Designer. We also agreed on the fact that no matter if you didn’t graduate to work as a Service Designer, you will take all learnings as well as the design thinking attitude with you to the organization you work in. In other words, act as “missionaries” in the organization and also promote and stress the importance and need for Service Design.

It was not only inspiring but also encouraging to exchange thoughts with another Service Design student slightly more ahead of her studies. 🙂


The “activities” at the event were either a 15 minute sparring session up in the air on the SkyWheel (advanced booking required) or discussing and getting familiar with Service Design and its’ tools and methods –safely on a firm ground. Because I hadn’t booked a separate sparring session, I ended up circling around the cozy event area to familiarize myself with the materials on display. A few tables were spread around covered with various design tools, such as mood cards and legos. A sofa seating was also arranged for visitors to study the bibliography related to Service Design.
It was nice to find a familiar book on the table. The one I read during the summer as a warm up for the about-to-kick-off studies. 😉

All in all, I think it was a great idea from XAMK-students to come to Helsinki and organize this event as part of Helsinki Design Week. Extra points given for the collaboration with SkyWheel Helsinki and the idea on sparring up in the air.

We should definitely let our ideas fly!


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