Work- a Head

I was also participant in Jamming last week at Laurea Leppävaara-campus. Service Jam is about developing new services.  Teams will move from ideas to hands-on solutions using methods from service design, innovative problem solving, and rapid prototyping”.  Testing and prototyping and making new app was very interesting. it was hard and busy time, but I like it and enjoyed it much.

There were 4 of us in our team. We had good feeling and everybody made excellent work. Our problem was “How to help young people to find a field of study/Work that suit them best?” I wanted to find out, how hard that is to the young people find summer  job or field to study.  We came up with an idea of new  application which will help young people to find easy work. Young have to fill up some personality information and profile like what he or she is interested in. After that the application will send five companies name that might be suitable for you.

We started our work whit brainstorming session and decide four question that we will use Saturday morning in Sello. We  made about 20 interviwed  and made after that firs prototypes of our application. People was easygoing and they had time to discuss whit us.





Field work in Sello

We find out that young people need to have work experience to gain work experience. Future work life wants multitalents, but the government wants us to pick one study path. New generations are no longer willing to accept job that don`t suit their personalities and interests.   On Saturday 4 pm. we started to make finally application and started to make handwrite about our presentation.  Sunday morning we made our video hand started to make the presentation. Our project was ready at 2.30 pm. We made digital applicantion and video of our  solutions.  It was very nice to solve the  problem by  using methods from service design.


Prototyping the new application

I can also recommend Service Jam for all students who have even a little interest for service design. Today in many case it will be useful to face a problem by using service design methods. At the Jam you can meet new people and get new friends. I want to thank Heidi, Veera and Pilvi they all are skillful young ladyes.


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