Book Review: Fast Strategy by Yves Doz & Mikko Kosonen

1        Fostering Strategic Agility

Sharpening strategic sensitivity, building collective commitment and enabling resource fluidity are major guides to strategic agility.  They give insight on all that need to be done to ensure that strategies are implemented to yield positive results.  Sensitivity of organizations to changes around them is not enough to make them have a competitive advantage of their product/services over others. Other factors of consideration are as well required in order to make their strategies agile and these are listed below.

2        Sharpening strategic sensitivity

Organizations require sharp strategic sensitivity in putting their products and services ahead of others. In lieu to this, it is important to have a comprehensive strategic team that comprises of management executives, frontline employees, customers, consultants, dealers and all stakeholders so as to experiment and broaden the scope of the organization. This will engender collective shared responsibilities, investments, risks and as well increase targets as the case may be.

Structured and undiluted information-flow to the CEO should be encouraged to give exact state of issues to be addressed. On the other hand, interpreting this information gathered into useful strategic plans and communicating the concept essence to customers are crucial. What an organization hopes to ultimately achieve should relate to its well defined mission or vision statement.

3        Building collective commitment

It is important for companies to be sensitive to and/or explore opportunities that will be beneficial to its growth considering time and resources. This will help them focus on how best to maximize potentials on ground with dynamism by tasking workers to think and respond fast to providing solutions in diverse ways. A major advantage is that it gives a levelled platform for integration and planning.

Furthermore, being highly sensitive strategically only cannot make an organization thrive unless core commitments are made. Fast strategy can be implemented when the collective commitment of top management executives is established. This group of individuals is regarded as independent intellectuals who have different ideologies on how to strive and thrive in their respective capacities. However, it is profitable to understand the essence of working continuously as interdependent contributors for the ultimate success of the organization.

Strategic agility is enhanced when top management executives discuss opportunities or challenges together. This will encourage transparency, productivity, interdependency, equality and realistic mutual achievement. If criticisms arise, it should be seen as a path to improvement. The idea of bringing in new people to top management executive roles, changing the roles of existing executives and letting old executives retire gracefully is an excellent way of inventing strategy agility. The old and retired executives can still render support from their wealth of experiences and knowledge to the organization where and when necessary. The CEO of any given organization is charged with the responsibility of maximizing the productivity of their various but integrated management team.

4        Enabling resource fluidity

The most interesting and useful part of this topic, is ‘Enabling resource fluidity’. Decision makings backed up with the deployment of necessary resources makes strategic sensitivity and collective commitment meaningful. However, in making these resources available for use, rules need to be put in place to ensure proper utilization and transparency. Resources can be human, material or financial and allocating them strategically helps to guide against losing business opportunities. It will be very easy for organizations to easily understand market trends and adapt to changes or interruptions when resources are readily available and properly harnessed for the change.


Doz, Yves and Kosonen, Mikko (2008): Fast Strategy, How strategic agility will help you stay ahead of the game

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