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Traditional media is merging with social

I recently attended a doctoral thesis defense of Anna Viljakainen, who has been studying the shift from goods dominant logic (GDL) to service dominant logic (SDL) in the Nordic media industry.

Anna Viljakainen

Anna Viljakainen

According to Asle Rolland (Viljakainen, 2015) the value of journalism in the world of mass communication has based on the assumption that access to exclusive information is what creates value for the customer and to media themselves, and the most valuable kind of information has been the first release.

The tradional media industry has been mainly focused on selling goods, such as copies of print magazines, advertisements and recorded media, and measuring them by reach of audiences and number of transactions.

However, because of the proliferation of social media, the consumers have more alternatives for finding and experiencing the information, the corner stone of media industrys GDL strategy has started eroding. In response, the industry has started to servitize their offering by including reader generated content as well as offering additional services for magazine subscribers, such as discussion boards on their web properties.

Many magazines, such as Cosmopolitan and Olivia in Finland have gone as far as having virtually no editorial content at all. Almost all the material in these brands are either created by readers or by advertisers both online and in print. The role of editorial staff has been reduced into curators of said content.

At the same time, social media giants, such as the Facebook have started to diversify themselves from single destinations into variety of brands. The Facebook for example owns WhatsApp and Instagram properties.

To me, it seems like the field of media is converging into a brand driven, curated social media, where the both the content and the consumption experience is co-produced with the brands and the readers. The attention of readers (or users) has started to revolve around interesting topics or articles, rather than within a media or a medium.

Thus, probably within a decade the distinction between the traditional media industry and social media has vanished because of the shift from GDL to SDL in the media industry and platformization of the social media from the other end.

To keep the traditional media industry in the game, Viljakainen identifies that a new method a new method of measurement, a currency, where reach and effectiveness of each media can be scaled against each other is needed. Here the work is only starting, but Viljakainen might be onto something big.

(Viljakainen, 2005): https://aaltodoc.aalto.fi/handle/123456789/15384

Community Managers Appreciated

“Brands have to consider the conversation itself as the canvas, without the comfort of knowing what the response will be.” Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter6c121db6879611e3b10d12bfd5de2428_6

Four years ago, in 2010 digital media strategist Jeremiah Owyang said out loud that the hard working community managers ought to be appreciated. He proposed that every fourth Monday of January would be dedicated to the practitioners of this new, forming profession. On that day, community members should thank their managers. Bit like Mother’s day but for Community managers.

CMADs in Finland

Many heard Owyang’s call. Community managers started organizing events and gatherings around the world. Gladly Finland was no exception.

Just like many great modern stories, it all started with a tweet. A social media specialist, trainer and entrepreneur Johanna Janhonen http://www.hiddentreasure.fi/ tweeted about celebrating the Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD) also in Finland. The message resonated among social media enthusiasts and Community managers. The first ever CMAD event in Finland was held in Tampere in 2012. It was a small gathering but the interest was clearly building.

In 2013 the event was organized in much larger scale. It gained big interest in social and digital media circles and got attention in media too. In 2014 the event attracted even a larger audience. Some 200 people were attending in person and many more following the live stream and steady flow of tweets with the official hashtag #cmadfi. The amazing thing about the event is that it’s organized pro bono by volunteers. The main organizers have put a lot of effort to make it happen.

Why Community Managers matter?

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Welcoming the new SID Master’s students

The 3rd SID Master’s group started their Service Innovation & Design studies at Laurea Leppävaara on 6th September.

For three days, the 26 new students were completely submerged in the Laurea’s cocreative learning culture, which provides the foundation for success as they pursue the Master’s programme together. With team-building activities, the new students were able to establish networks and build connections from the very start. Through highly engaging and innovative processes, they were given the chance to meet their fellow students on a professional and personal level.

In the first day, the new students also met a few former SID students and SID graduates, who gave them valuable advice in a panel discussion. Continue reading