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Service design breakfast, case omaMehiläinen

by Riku Seppälä

Service design breakfast at Aalto University

I attended the service design breakfast on March 13th as part of the current topics course. These morning sessions are hosted by Aalto University and Startup Sauna.

This morning’s case was about Mehiläinen (a big Finnish private health care provider) and their service design partner, Idean (a Finnish service design/user experience agency, www.idean.com ).  In 2011 Mehiläinen launched a service concept, omaMehiläinen (oma.mehilainen.fi) for their customers in Finland. omaMehiläinen is a digital service portal which contains health care data of Mehiläinens’ customers. The case was presented by Mikko-Pekka Hanski from Idean and Miia Engberg from Mehiläinen.

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Service Design Breakfast #7, Reima Rönnholm, Palmu Inc.

Figure 1. How to Fail in Service Design, Palmu 2012

The last Service Design Breakfast was not about digital design, but more human-centric services. Reima Rönnholm started his presentation by asking everyone if they have already failed in anything this week or this day. Failing isn’t really fun, but what can we learn from failing? Reima quoted Steve Blank saying that no business plan survives first contact with a customer. Making mistakes is inevitable and the key is how to do it successfully.

The first successful example of designing a service was service design process of Helsinki Airport. Making the most painful points a pleasant experience and suggesting it to customers as a service, not something they are forced to use. What really make any service are processes, people and customers. Places and materials are always there, but the service is not unless there are people using it. You have to do lots of modeling to make an intangible service concrete. You have to try and make errors to see how to make things work.

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Service Design Breakfast: Integration of Service Design and Elearning

by Juho Hyvärinen

Thursday 29 November Facebook alerted me that I had enrolled for the Service Design Breakfast at Otaniemi. So, it was time to print out the tickets and head for the Aalto University, formerly known as TKK campus at Espoo.

I arrived at Aalto University’s Start Up Sauna and after a freebie breakfast it was time to listen up the presentation of the day. This time it was Jouni Tuominiemi from HIQ discussing about Elearning and service design. The actual topic was “Service acceptance boosted by e-learning”, an hour long presentation and discussion about how Elearning can be utilized when implementing new services on market.

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Service Design Breakfast #2 – Mikko-Pekka Hanski, Idean

Figure 1. Service Design Breakfast, Idean 2012

How do emotions impact the design? How can design projects benefit from understanding the emotional rollercoaster? How can you become a better designer if you are aware of the changes in emotions throughout a project? How can you adjust your project plan based on that? In this blogpost you will find out how analyzing your emotions can help your project.

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Service Design Breakfast

What is the Service Design Breakfast?

The Service Design Breakfast is a series of open talks by leading service design experts. All the Finnish service design community is welcome and the main communication channels for the talks are blogs from the Finnish Universities and Facebook community page. To attend each talk you must to subscribe on the Eventbrite website and apply to the specific talk you have interest. The events are going to happen at Design Factory and Startup Sauna located in Aalto University, Espoo, Finland.

Figure 1: Service Design Breakfast audience.

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