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Cloud Computing with OpenStack – 2nd Meetup Event in Finland 2014

Second meetup event in Finland dedicated to OpenStack®, the open-source operating system for the cloud, was held in Helsinki on 11th February 2014. Apollo Live Club hosted twice bigger crowd than in the first meetup in October last year, indicating rapidly growing interest in cloud computing. Event was organized by Cybercom Finland and sponsored by Cybercom, Rackspace, Suse and Red Hat. Rackspace is a founder of OpenStack. Cybercom is Nordic IT consulting company providing expertize in connectivity services.

OpenStack Meetup Finland 2014

OpenStack Meetup Finland 2014

Cloud computing refers to use of a network of remote computers to store, manage and process the data (including for example text files, pictures and video), which users can access over the Internet on the device of their choice. It is considered faster, cheaper, more flexible and potentially more secure than on-site IT solutions. Many popular services such as Facebook, Spotify and web-based e-mail use cloud computing technologies. However, the real economic benefits come through widespread use of cloud solutions by businesses and the public sector. That is actually where the contribution of this event was targeted.

OpenStack and privacy aspects

On behalf of organizers, Illkka Tengvall, cloud architect from Cybercom Finland, opened the event giving a brief overview of OpenStack and how it fits in wider cloud stage. Talking about cloud services as modern way of providing computing resources with charging only for usage, he compared them with water consumption. You open the tap and you are charged only how much water is run out.

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