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Design Meets Business

Posted by Juho Hyvärinen

I had an honor to participate in a design seminar in Helsinki City Hall on Thursday 18.11. Although having lived my whole life in Helsinki I think this was the first time I actually visited the city hall inside. The surroundings were grand and in my opinion proper setting for afternoon of Finnish service Design discussion. The occasion was hosted by Director Antti Oksanen from AmCham (The American Chamber of Commerce in Finland). He kept a strict discipline regarding timetables and we were actually able to go through all of the cases in schedule.

The seminar had been put together by several different organizations and people. The stated goal was to help participants in issues regarding both design and intellectual property rights (IPR).  This was to be achieved with the help of several case studies ranging from Kekkilä, company specializing into growing mediums and mulches to Mendor, a manufacturer of a new kind of blood-glucose meter. Continue reading