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Cross-cultural issues in Service Development

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Are you interested in different cultures, curios and want to get a deeper understanding of how you can tackle cross-cultural issues within service development? Laurea offers an elective course within this topic, which can be integrated in your MBA in Service Innovation and Design, and I highly recommend it!

The course consists of a group of students small enough to discuss, without the greatness of feeling intimidated. It also brings together people from different backgrounds, both students from different classes and students from different countries from all over the world. This creates a good arena to discuss and get real insight and case examples, which can vary a lot from where you come from.

The aim of this course is described as: “deeply understanding preferences and cultural needs, when offering services to customers and end-users from different cultures. Services are often offered globally, and this kind of understanding is described as “prerequisite” for effective Service Design”. In order to learn this, the study offers a theoretical basis of cultural perspectives, which is taught through assignments (individual and in groups), group discussions and lectures, a lot of them being guest lectures. We even had the opportunity to work on a real case for TAX Finland, which I found very motivating!

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