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Service design breakfast, case omaMehiläinen

by Riku Seppälä

Service design breakfast at Aalto University

I attended the service design breakfast on March 13th as part of the current topics course. These morning sessions are hosted by Aalto University and Startup Sauna.

This morning’s case was about Mehiläinen (a big Finnish private health care provider) and their service design partner, Idean (a Finnish service design/user experience agency, ).  In 2011 Mehiläinen launched a service concept, omaMehiläinen ( for their customers in Finland. omaMehiläinen is a digital service portal which contains health care data of Mehiläinens’ customers. The case was presented by Mikko-Pekka Hanski from Idean and Miia Engberg from Mehiläinen.

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Innovation and Development Activities in Professional Service Firms – a Role Structure Perspective, doctoral dissertation by Tiina Tuominen

By Riku Seppälä

I attended the public defence of Tiina Tuominen’s doctoral dissertation at Aalto University in Otaniemi, Espoo on 22nd February.  Title of her thesis is Innovation and development activities in professional service firms- a role structure perspective.  The thesis can be found here:

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Implementing servitization

Aalto University seminar 20th November 2012.

by Riku Seppälä

I attended Aalto University’s seminar ”Implementing servitization” 20th November at Otaniemi campus. The seminar was part of “Integrating Service Management and Operations Perspectives in B2B Services”- project at Aalto University within logistics research group. According to the project description the ISMO project aims to develop concepts, tools and methods to actively manage the service processes, resources and competences, including the client, in a service production system. The project was started in 2009 and ends in 2013. More information about the project and its content at:

The seminar consisted of two separate tracks, the first one called “Managing profits in service business” and the latter one “Implementing full service business models”.

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