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The amazing journey started

A new journey started on 12 September 2013!

It won’t be a lonely journey as we have a great crew with different backgrounds and stories. It was really nice to meet my classmates and start the program together. We come from different countries and work in different industries. I believe that it will be very interesting as we can share different experiences and knowledge in the class. What I can learn won’t only come from books but also from everyone in the classroom.

The first three days were full of surprise. We got to know each other by doing team work and playing games. It was good to hear the stories from graduates. It gave us a basic idea of the possible paths in the program. The practical exercises were my favorite parts as I was able to work with my teammates and create our ideas together.

Personally, the most important thing that I learned from the practical exercises was the process of how to find out potential opportunities, create ideas, implement ideas and make it happen in the business world. Each step in the process was so important and quite different than what I had thought before. The creation of a service was much more complicated and logical than what I understood in the past. The process of creating a service was quite useful even for other creations in the life. I was really inspired by learning the process. I felt that I started to have a design thinking approach.

I also learned that never ignore any crazy ideas. I noticed that I might have missed many good ideas which flashed quickly in my mind before. Sometimes what you wrote on the paper was much less than what you thought in your mind. In this situation, many good ideas just flied away and you didn’t notice them at all.

After the first three days study, I am quite sure now that I have selected the right program for myself.

Bring your toolkit on the journey

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