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Learn To Fly

I have a confession to make. I may have learned something! I´ll tell you more just keep on reading..


User Interface In the Wild (allegory)

Chaos is a good word to describe my feelings on day one of the two contact sessions titled Design Thinking. Two foreign experts where invited to give the lectures. I must tell you I came totally unprepared and found the speed in which things got rolling a bit too fast. But as we proceeded things got clearer. Things started to get shape and the chaos was tamed. We were Learning by Developing and I got to tell you, it worked! It has great advantages as it turned out.

After a brief introduction to history and present state of Design Thinking by  Dr. Katja Tschimmel she introduced us to a Design Thinking Model Evolution 6² that she has developed.  We were divided into groups of four or so and assigned to find opportunities aka. problems that emerge to us as we look more closely at  Laurea Universitry of Applied Sciences.

Guest Lecturers

At this point Mariana Valença took over and intoduced us more closely to the Evolution 6² Mindshake Design Thinking model step by step. Soon we found ourselves innovating a new user interface for Laurea students and teachers alike in our group.




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