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Crash course to design thinking


The core of design thinking

Think holistically and against stereotypes. Aim for achieving empathy, try, prototype, iterate. Approach everything you do with a positive and playful attitude, with high tolerance for mistakes.

These were some of the core qualities of design thinking, presented by Katja Tschimmel during a two-day course on design thinking at Laurea university on 8-9 September. A thought-provoking and mind-blowing dip into a new world of creative thinking, trying things out courageously and lightly, and changing course agilely based on the feedback collected during the trying out period.

The backbone for the two days was Katja Tschimmel’s Evolution 6² model for innovation and design thinking. Going through a complex tool for processes that normally take months in just two days was hectic, and a real crash course to design thinking.

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