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Climate change, globalization, aging and digitalization are huge factors which, among others, are forcing us to think and act differently. In order to be resource efficient and competitive, to take care of older generations, and take the advantage of possibilities of digitalization, we need new sustainable innovations here in Finland.

I believe that Design Thinking is versatile toolkit which can help us to create a better world. In this blog, I will first briefly introduce the main idea of Design Thinking and then later explain of what benefits this ideology has to offer for public services.


Design Thinking gives us tools to create more sustainable innovations.

Design Thinking is a way of thinking, not a strict discipline

Before the Design Thinking master’s program at Laurea University of Applied Sciences, I had some preliminary ideas about what Design Thinking is. However, already during the first couple of days of the program sessions lead by Katja Tschimmel and Sanna Marttinen 8-9 of September gave me a much wider perspective on the matter.

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