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Try an idea, rather than debate it!

One week ago it was “Back to School” season also for me. It had been almost 10 years since I graduated from a business school  – I didn’t know what to expect at Laurea but I was feeling really exited!  Services marketing has always inspired me and I believe that the services design studies will a good “plus” in my career path.

The first study weekend was very intensive – three full days in a row, including tens of new faces around and thousands of new thoughts in my head. During this week I have continued the studying process: I read one book (Understanding Innovation by Meiner & Leifer) and and article (by Tschimmel ), and tried to synthesize the ideas with last weekend’s workshop. Now that I know the basics of Design Thinking, I’d like to share my findings I find the most important.

Any kind of business can benefit from the designer’s way of thinking & working

Innovation is the basis for economic growth – it decides the survival of companies. We saw one example with the restaurant El Bulli: better to close for a few months, create something new and then provide with “wow moments” to clients, who are willing to pay. Good design is more important than ever, no matter what your sector is. Design thinking is not only a motor for innovation , it can also help to improve accelerate and visualize creative process effectively, when using different kind of tool kits. You can apply design tools for any kind of business or service – and get more explicit results compared with traditional planning & problem solving.

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