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Design Thinking = Thinking which leads to new realities and to innovation!

Video about Design Thinking:

In the core of Design Thinking is active observation, active listening and sharing.


Design Thinking is an effective toolkit for any innovation process, connecting the creative design approach to traditional business thinking, based on planning and rational problem solving. Abductive thinking method suggests that rationality and emotions & feelings are equally important when creating new ideas, therefore abductive thinking is important in design thinking as well. (Tschimmel, 2012: 3).


Design thinking brings people’s needs, emotions, skills, experiences in the middle. Designer needs to be rational & emotional, intuitive & methodological, analytical & emphatic, oriented by plans & spontaneous, all of this at the same time. As I learned from our group work, that you really need to concentrate to use all of your senses, open your eyes and heart, reflect on your emotions, forget your expectations and understand that people’s experiences are always on the background effecting on their ideas. Therefore most rewarding outcome from a design project is to have a heterogenic group in order to get diverse aspects for the project. Also, the role of the facilitator cannot be underestimated, since facilitator gives the timetables, rules and guidelines for the design group and helps them to focus on a certain task at a time.

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