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How to empower creative confidence in others?

Creative confidence is like a muscle—it can be strengthened and nurtured through effort and experience.” (David Kelley)

Anyone can be creative. Creativity is our most powerful resource as human. The key factor that I learned over the two-day workshop of Design thinking at Laurea (2nd-3rd September 2016) was that, being creative means unleashing your mind. Being creative is being free from assumptions and prejudices and believing you can make a difference and change in the world around you.

Creativity is often related to artistic competence or features – the key is to understand that not only designers or artists are the ones with creative mind. We all have it. Being creative is our natural part of being a human. Thru out the history we have survived because of our skills of communication and creativity. Still quite often we find ourselves in situations in teams without any common goal. Design tools are a magnificent way to get to know each other and to create more mutual understanding between people. It´s about raising awareness and creating empathy and knowledge. Everyone’s insights are important and meaningful when it comes to innovating together. Creating ideas together and nurturing the ideas of others. We were encouraged to experiment different type of solutions with different DT tools and learn to throw away those ideas we thought were not vital. This was one of the most important lessons learned during the workshop.

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So how do we empower creative confidence in others?

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