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To E5 and Beyond

“A lawyer, an engineer, a UX expert, a business developer, and a sociologist walk into a room and…” sounds like the intro to a bad joke.  However, this is exactly what happened on the first day of our Practical Design Thinking class at Laurea.  The task we were given was carefully chosen, not too narrow and not too broad – “studying at Laurea.”

So how to begin, given a group of strangers, from diverse backgrounds with diverse goals?  How can these people innovate effectively by creating some concrete proposals and at the same time learning about Design thinking?  By following in the footsteps of other design thinkers and learning from their experience captured in the form of Design Toolkits.  Or at Katja Schimmel says, by “Learning how to move in creative processes through the application of DT tools”.


The E6 process.


Guided by our lecturer, after a quick introduction to the history of design thinking, we started to apply the E.62 process starting from Emergence – the discovery of an innovation opportunity.  Chaos erupted, or as one of Tim Brown´s client stated: “These people have no process!” Our opportunity mind map spread like a spider web across the whiteboard, in an attempt to identify possible innovations.  After several iterations, 4 or 5 candidates became clear, and one was chosen for our intent statement “onboarding companies into collaboration projects with Laurea.”

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