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The re-birth of creative confidence in all of us

Creativity is still seen as some special power that only few of us possess. The brothers Tom and David Kelley, founders and owners of world-known design firm IDEO, have been pioneering in trying to break this impression by empowering anyone to be more creative. And gaining creative confidence even among the most business-minded people seems to be slowly breaking through; I heard just a few days back a member of the board of Finnair – the Finnish airline company – state before an audience of hundreds of people how anyone can learn to be more creative. Or in fact, she was compelling for the leaders of the biggest Finnish companies – even the government – to bring more creativity to the boards and to the decision-making of Finland.


The Kelley would probably add to the sentence “anyone can learn to be more creative” the word “again” as they are emphasizing in their book “Creative Confidence” that basically all of us have embraced our creativity as children but have learned to lose the confidence in this skill and the ability to be proud of our creative work bit by bit as we have grown older. In this same book, the brothers introduce many exercises to regain more confidence in creating and being creative. I was planning to introduce some of the most concrete ones in this post but really, the book is a quick and joyful read so I would instead encourage everyone to get a copy of their own and start bringing more creativity to their lives, little by little. It gives the bigger picture of the state of the creativity problem and explains the background of the Kelley brothers and their reasons for writing the book.

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