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Finding Creative Confidence

For me creativity has quite a long time meant being good at drawing, painting or writing poems. My confidence in my own creativity has not been too strong.

I started my studies a few weeks ago in SID programme. After the first workshop, I pondered my choice to apply to Laurea and the process that led me to it. After reading the book Creative Confidence (Kelley D. & Kelley T., 2013), I learned that creativity is not about being artistic but more about “the ability to come up with new ideas and the courage to try them out”. At the end of the day, I realized that my decision to apply to Laurea was actually a creative one and it was an outcome of stages that are similar to design thinking.


Artistic or creative?

There are different models describing the stages of design thinking oriented processes. In the course ’Design Thinking’ Katja Tschimmel described Mindshake’s Evolution 6² model that consists of six stages. In these stages there are different kinds of tools described also in Research Report D-Think (Tschimmel et al. 2015). Here I’ve applied that model and some of the tools to the process I went through.

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