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The cornerstones of service design

Markus Torkkeli

Today, the services are more important than ever. They represent majority of the GNP’s of developed countries and there is huge potential in them to be developed, digitalized, scaled and sold.

Let’s take second hand electronics as an example. In one look at one can see that there are over 5000 second hand used mobile phones in sale in Finland. Now let us go back 20 years in time: If you happened to have a mobile phone you certainly had no way to buy new or sell old one over the internet. Neither listen to music, nor do your banking or send an email with it.

What will the better future be like in the yet not so streamlined and digitalized services? What might be the key to success and better customer experience? It seems that everybody would like find ways to get a grip of that. And that was exactly what we practiced in our groupworks in SID. I will shortly try to elaborate the things we did and the concepts we used.

A mindset and a method – Design thinking

In the heart of service design is a mindset, design thinking. Design thinking is a practical, repeatable method to create new products, enable major improvements or develop completely new innovative artefacts or services. Applying design thinking into service development and innovation can be called service design.

In first day and from the books the basic concept of design thinking was clarified. But to be able to develop newideas knowledge is not enough. Learning to know each other is also essential. Mutual trust, willingness to co-operate and motivation to share ideas is important as well as shared goal. You would not get the best out of people that are strangers in a tense atmosphere.

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