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OH, THE EXCITEMENT! – The Design Thinking Crash Course

I was very excited about starting my studies in SID Laurea yet many thoughts of anticipation haunted my mind. What would my study buddies be like? What kind of avalanche of knowledge will we encounter? How will I ever find the time to combine my work and studies – with the rest of my life?

It all started off smoothly with a crash course in Practical Design Thinking by Katja Tschimmel and Mariana Valença. I really enjoyed the three day session in which we got an interesting introduction into design thinking. What I really liked the most was getting our hands dirty with a full array of service design and design thinking methods. The framework we used was Evolution 6² ( which was developed by Katja and combines a high level design process with practical methods for each phase. The phases in the process can be seen in the picture below and you can check out the 36 methods in the framework on the framework WWW-page.


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