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Transform your business with Service Design

I had a pleasure to attend Elisa Corporate Customers Digital Customer Service event last week, where Elisa and their partner eGain were representing how they see the world changing in the customer service side.  eGain’s CEO was describing how customer service is seen to be evolving as generations are changing rapidly. For example, Generation Z has different learning habits, consumption habits and view as how they relate to work and world around them. They consume on the spot as they were born digital, are not loyal and don’t want to be drudges. Therefore, businesses need to change, change dramatically.

Elisa -eGain

The old way of doing business doesn’t work for Generation Z anymore, transformation is required and the ones who are capable of fast and agile transformation are the winners. What was striking to me personally is the part where eGain’s CEO was claiming that in the future, the old business models don’t work anymore, old companies have to think about their offering through new business models. When thinking about the different business models, service design tools and methods serve a good basis for building a new and fresh approach, as the customers are heavily involved designing and co-creating the services together with relevant stakeholders. This is a huge task to be done with many companies, some of them don’t even realize the change is going to be huge. Once company has awaken to the need of change, still the path is long and pretty cumbersome, but it needs to be taken. Once, service and business model have been tested vigorously and seen to fly on a level that is satisfying the customer’s and company owners, the legacy process have to be adapted to the new business model, not the other way around.  That means that many companies need to think about their future business models, their processes and their legacy systems, how to change them and transform them around to support new business models and new ways of doing business. That’s good news as us future service designers are needed heavily in the future business transformation. 



Wicked change becomes beloved change with design thinking? 

According to many different sources of research and field analysis from various companies we are fast moving away from product centricity to customer centricity, from company internal process oriented approach to organizing company’s functions by customer touch points or customer journey maps. This change from product driven business models to customer value-centric business models is hard for traditional companies but are natural way of functioning for smaller entities and start-ups.

changeDesign thinking gives an alternative approach to complex problem solving and wicked obstacles to be faced in a totally new context and way in order to achieve new innovations and new perspectives to the problematic areas. Design thinking takes into account the very crucial and in product centric approach easily forgotten element – user feelings, intuition, the gut feeling that decides, despite all the hard-proven facts and figures, which product or service you end up consuming and potentially even becoming a loyal fan or evangelist. When companies wake up in crisis, their sales in not coming as expected, the reason can most probably be found in their change culture or lack of it. When companies are trying to change their company culture from the traditional approach to design centric and customer centric approach, the roll-out has to start from the top management and if the management is either familiar with design centric approach or sets up siloed function in the organization, the change will be hard to accomplish. 

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