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Design Thinking – Group Exercises to Train Your Design Muscles

We formed one of the teams in the Design thinking course fall 2012, led by Mariana Salgado and Sanna Marttila.  During the course we were introduced to the main ideas and philosophy of design thinking, ways of seeing and understanding design as well as with various methods, project and cases from the multifaceted field of design. We also got an opportunity to familiarize and test different design methods and tools in practise, by utilizing them to develop new service ideas for museums and libraries. Our team developed a preliminary service concept for libraries, by combining enhanced utilization of social networks and internet services and organizing guided, thematic tours.

From the following chapters you can read about our experiences from different design phases and methods. Continue reading

The Role of Customers and Business Support Organizations in Innovation

By Lauri Kuljus and Mari

The Handbook of Innovation and ServicesThe Handbook of Innovation and Services: A Multi-disciplinary Perspective, edited by Gallouj & Djellal, brings together 49 international specialists to discuss innovation as it relates to services. This handbook investigates the role of innovation in services from a variety of directions and provides a good source of comprehensive reference material on this field.

Out of the many topics discussed in the book we chose to look at innovation from a company point of view. First we identify the background on what is innovation in services, then discuss the impact of innovation on the start-up service companies, and conclude with the importance of involving customers in innovation process. Continue reading

Revolutionary Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup

Photo by Eva

By Tero, Eva, Pingshan, Outi and Mari

This is going to be an unusual day for you! Because you don’t start checking your emails or Facebook, or logging into your Skype, MSN or whatever instant communication system you use at work. But look over the edge of your coffee cup and dare to discover the possibilities in your daily routines.

You Are More Than Just You

Sometimes even the smallest matter can make a difference in your work or in your organization. Take the distance to see what your habits are, and then unlearn the bad habits. Easier said than done, but try to identify what you could do differently. This way you have more space to learn new things and new point of views. You are probably reachable online all your work day. But what if you change all that and take a small piece of the day and be offline. Take the time and fine tune the mindset. Think why you are working as you are? Why weren’t you part of the meeting, handling tasks which produce the upcoming tasks for you? Surely there could’ve been some input to be said. Maybe you have some new thoughts about the existing service offering? Be brave and act with courage. Who other than you and specifically why not you should stand out? Continue reading