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Designing a successful Jam in 3 weeks with zero budget

By Laura Järveläinen, Nina Kostamo Deschamps, Marta Kuroszczyk & Kristina Stening


Almost a year has passed since we organized the Helsinki Chapter of Global Sustainability Jam. Back then we had just started our Service Innovation & Design (SID) Master’s programme at Laurea. Freshly inspired from the Design Thinking course, we jumped right in at the opportunity to make our own jam happen and put our knowledge into practice.

As a learning experience, we can’t recommend it enough: we learned a great deal about facilitation, event design and collaborative design. It was “learning by developing” at its best. And most importantly, we had fun!

We were not just planning a workshop. In fact, we were designing a 3-day long design thinking event and experience. As a result, the design and planning process was very intense. We also ended up designing the jam in just 3 weeks with almost zero budget. The amount of positive response and feedback we got from the participants were extremely rewarding and made all our efforts worthwhile. It goes without saying that meeting and working with new and very diverse people became the most important part of this successful jam experience.

You might want to check out our visual report from the jam. It covers topics such as how we organized the event, key learnings, our tips and more:


P.S. The Helsinki Chapter for the Global Sustainability Jam has not been picked up yet for this year 😉 Do it, you won’t regret it!

Embrace the mess!

Design Thinking – the challenge in daring to embrace the mess of non linear thinking.mindmap.jpg

I am quite new to the field of service design and the tools used in Design Thinking are not yet that familiar to me. Hence I didn’t really know what to expect from the first contact session at SID. I thought it was great that we were assigned to go through the process & use the tools of design thinking straight away.

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