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Start of a journey in service design

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Written by Joonas Koski

As I walked through the doors of Laurea UAS for our first contact session I was both nervous and exited at the same time. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, how would we be learning to be creative. I had read about Learn By Doing teaching method before and I was super positively surprised about our first session. We weren’t cramming through books or just listening to a monologue. Instead the day progressed from introductions to working in small groups around the topic at hand. We were already learning new methods right there, on the very first day none the less!

The first contact sessions focused on design thinking. What it means and what kind of processes and mindset’s are necessary for innovation. After the contact session I’d say one of the most important skills for a good designer is being able to facilitate workshops, guiding the creative works while also understanding what nudge’s can do. I noticed that all our group’s work were very similar in the end and possibly (most likely) guided by the introduction to Laurea, studying and the school environment.


For me one of the biggest breakthroughs of the weekend was seeing how we need to open up our minds for creativity and innovation, and that there are ways to do that for everybody. The exercise that was writing down all the usages for a common everyday object, a pencil, was another eye opener. I got a bit over 10, but I noticed some hitting 20 different ways to use one. I think one of the more memorable workshops we did were Mood Boards, Service Blueprint and the Service Roleplaying. You can find our group’s version filmed on Vimeo. Pitching of the service idea and empathy exercises in the end were also very nice. I have certainly learned to appreciate group work a lot more than in my previous studies, I now look forward to it!

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