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Designing Work for Future Needs. Future Needs are Here NOW!

Last week I participated the last one of the design related discussions of the series “Enter and Encounter – A series of discussions hosted by curators” jointly organised by Design Museum and the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo. My expectations were high due to the interesting title: “Designing Work” (more here, in Finnish) and due to the fact the previous discussion was so inspiring. (You can read from it on my previous blog-post here.)
As last time, it really was worth making my way to the Design Museum after a long and exhausting day at work.

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Design is here, at your Service. Enter and Encounter.

I have always been a fan of art and design and therefore a regular visitor of Helsinki Design Museum. Also, having only recently started to study Service Design and Innovation, I was delighted to spot the Design Museum advertisement on “Enter and Encounter – A series of discussions hosted by curators” as part of their ongoing exhibition “Enter and Encounter – An Invitation to Tomorrow” jointly organised by Design Museum and the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo.

“Enter and Encounter – A series of discussions hosted by curators” is a series of individual design related discussions on the main theme: “Design in Future – where do you go?”. Curators of the exhibition, all experts in design in their own field are holding discussions with invited guests free for all museum visitors to participate in.

I managed to spot the advertisement just in time to book slots from my calendar for the last two sessions of the series. Luckily enough, both related to Service design –currently my main field of interest outside work. I was full of excitement last Tuesday evening when taking the stairs to the second floor of the museum where the first of the two discussions was going to take place under the main topic: How is design challenging the present and shaping the future? I sat myself on the chair among the concentrated audience who had come to listen to Juha Kronqvist, Lead Service Designer and Design Director of Hellon and Sampsa Hyysalo, Associate Professor in Co-Design at Aalto University School of Art.

Kronqvist and Hyysalo shared views also on the following questions:
Who are the designers today and with whom are they designing?
How should new design, new design forms, and design in general be exhibited?

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Let your ideas fly!

I had only just started my Service Design studies in Laurea when I noticed an ad on Facebook of an event called Palvelumuotoilun Q&A – Sparraile ja innostu kehittämään (Free translation: Q&A of Service Design – Come to sparr and get excited about SD) organized by a group of XAMK Service Design students and was welcoming everyone interested in Service Design. Due to the event title, as well as the fact that the event was organized and advertised as part of the ongoing Helsinki Design Week 2017, I decided to pay a visit on my way home from work.

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Design Thinking –and quite a lot of doing

Throw-back Saturday. Sitting by my lap-top trying to find ways and words to describe my thoughts on last weekends’ Design Thinking -course. What are main learnings I took home from the weekend and what are the ideas I still carry with me after getting familiar with the recommended literature* on the topic? I grouped the outcome into three main themes; Group dynamics, Design processes and various models, Characteristics of a designer.

Outcome grouped

The two-day intensive course started off as it was to continue,
fast and intensive. 20170916_135752Right after the opening words, we were to get to know one another through inspiring bingo-game to find a person with the right feature. I got pretty close…
Another fun exercise was to play with the Mindshake Design Thinking cards to identify, pair and cluster the design techniques with the corresponding design actions. It was interesting to notice how quickly the groups started to work on the task productively without really knowing one another. Here’s a mini video-clip I took from my team in action. 😊

At least to me, these exercises managed to proof the importance of team-work (you could’ve not managed to fill in the paper without getting and giving help), point out the heterogeneous nature of our group (diversity is a strong asset in a design team), and strengthen our group dynamics from the very beginning.

All these warming up tasks prepared us for the bigger teamwork that was to follow. We were given a design case to work on by following the Evolution62 -model, which at times turned out to be not so clear. However, after refining our concept for several times we finally managed to come up with a brilliant idea and an applicable concept I still am proud of today. To get an idea on our design process journey, check the evidence. 😉 Continue reading