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Design Thinking? – Making Sense of the Complex

Sustainable service through design thinking

As an entry to the SID Studies we had a two-day Design Thinking (DT) training course led by Katja Tschimmel and Sanna Marttila, which was a fast speed introduction to the concept of DT and to the practical use of the DT process model.

I applied to Laurea’s MBA in SID program to find proper tools in making sense of the complex questions I face and handle daily in the working life and to find solutions to those questions in a manner that serves sustainable future and involves the value clusters of all the critical stakeholders.

My big question for the SID studies is: How to design sustainable*) service and how to find sustainable solutions for the future’s (customers) needs? By participating in this DT training course my research journey has begun and here’s the report to my early findings.


There is no recipe for design thinking

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