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Design Thinking – the best tool in office?

Design Thinking (DT) and writing a blog post. Other one I know some, other one I don’t know anything. To me DT is the tool I would like to use in so many cases in my daily work. Writing a blog post is a big jump out of my comfort zone. Design thinking must feel same for some people on work environment, so no wonder if it is sometimes so difficult to practice DT methods in different tasks you need to solve on work. I feel that DT tools are just made to find and solve problems and innovate around those.

Mind map for starting blog post about DT. Image by B. Hiiri

Mind map for starting blog post about DT. Image by B. Hiiri

So many models and methods – what to choose?

4.9. first thing on my mind was panic. Because I felt that I haven’t heard all of Katja Tschimmel 36 tools out of Evolution 6² model. And do I need to remember these? There are also so many other models and opinions and what is the right one? After lessons and reading Tim Brown book: “Change by design” I realized that there is still same familiar idea behind these tools and methods; to bring clarity out of fog. And actually I know and have even used many methods. So no panic! I learned that thing is not about using certain tool or method. Tschimmel defines in her article 10 tool categories: Observation, Maps, Personas, Brainwriting, Sketching, Visual and Semantic Confrontations, Storyboard, Rapid Prototyping, Storytelling, Learning experiences/Testing. You can choose the best and most suitable model and method for the case you have today on your desk.

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