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Thinking like a Designer

In September 2013 started my SID journey at Laurea Leppävaara unit with Design thinking –course and I must say – what a start for our Master program!  Laurea had invited Design professor and entrepreneur Katja Tschimmel and Founder and author of FORTH Innovation method Gijs van Wulfen to teach us what Design thinking is. During the two exciting days we found out that it wasn’t just them to teach us – we also taught and learned from each other. This course was a real kick-off to learn how to think like a designer!

What did we do?

SID1During the two days of Design thinking course we followed Gijs van Wulten’s FORTH Innovation method by observing, planning, exploring, learning and raising a lot of different ideas. The FORTH stands for Full steam ahead (F), Observe and learn (O), Raise Ideas (R), Test Ideas (T) and Homecoming (H). The method is a practical tool to start innovation effectively and van Wulfen’s book The Innovation Expedition gives you specific details how to run successfully the innovation process. The most important lesson of the book is “You cannot innovate alone”. We noticed this also in our class.

Our two day course got us to make a photo tour, sketch and glue, draw and build up a prototype. Among these things we had lots ideas which changed during the process. One could say a word and it could lead up to change our plans for the project. In our group we didn’t know each other from before but we felt cohesion. Everyone could bring their strengths and ideas to the group. Together we built up a proposal for Laurea how to make the campus a better place and we felt we were thinking like designers.

                                                                    What is Design Thinking?

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