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The power of team work in Design Thinking

This fall I started my Service Design studies with intense two-day course of Design Thinking led by Katja Tschimmel and Sanna Marttila.

The course was all about getting to know Design Thinking and working together as a team.

What is Design Thinking?

According to Katja Tschimmel’s article Design Thinking offers toolkits that help to improve and visualise creative processes. It’s about transforming ideas into something real.

One core principle of Design Thinking is it’s human-centred approach. During the course we had the opportunity to create a new service in collaborative way. Working as a team made the process easier because you had your team members’ support. As Tschimmel also points out co-creation increases the effectiveness of creative and innovation processes.

Idris Mootee describes that Design Thinking helps make sense of the complex connections between people, objects, and ideas which lead to new innovations. According to Mootee Design Thinking gives tools to structure team interactions and align participants around specific goals.

How to work as a team?

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